Vahdam Earl Grey

Vahdam Earl Grey packaging

Several of my everyday go-to brands have almost doubled in price lately, causing me to look at a wider array of choices. I knew that some of Vahdam's black teas were nice, so I decided to try their Earl Grey. I was optimistic, because the only ingredients are black tea and bergamot extracts. Vahdam Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea turns out to be a lovely choice.

Dry tea close-up.

Respectably sized loose leaf tea.

A lovely reddish tone under bright lights.

Close-up of the brew under bright lights.

I wish you could smell this tea!

A pleasing smooth cuppa with no bitterness, and such a lovely aroma!

Teacup and saucer.

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Summary Review Table
Category Result
Overall Rating (1-5) 5 - Balanced. That is the word for this tea. It has been a lovely surprise, and I will make it part of my regular rotation.
Presentation (1-5) 4 - A nice-looking bag that seals well. The zip lock seems sturdy. It isn't ornate, but has a nice appearance and functionality.
Dry Scent (1-5) 5 - The aroma is exquisite! There is ample bergamot aroma, which you will love if you are an Earl Grey fan.
Brewed Scent (1-5) 5 - Even better when brewed! A very definite, but still light aroma, which you can smell with the cup next to you on the table without overwhelming you when taking a drink.
Brewed Color (1-5) 5 - A lovely tea that takes on a reddish hue in bright light.
Taste Summary (1-5) 5 - Smooth, good with sugar, sugar and cream (half-cream to UK tea drinkers) or a splash of milk. Also excellent as an unsweetened iced tea. The aroma is simply divine, and this tea is so smooth and lacking in bitterness that "sweet tea" is not a requirement!