TL;DR: Faux Midori Traveler's notebook (fauxdori) is easier than people make it seem.

The Zinnias and marigolds have been majestic this year. I planted a lot, and they've exceeded expectations. They give much to the butterflies, bees, etc. A true joy to observe.

This Coral Drift Rose doesn't have any fragrance, really, but I love it. It is simply so very lovely. I must prune them this winter, because my "drift" roses are all almost chest high.

Took this photo of a Turkey Vulture today, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's built in zoom lens. This was then cropped, but still. It wasn't many years ago that phone cameras were a complete joke!

Anyone from or interested in the food and herb-lore culture of central/southern Appalachia, the articles on Dave's Garden by Sharon Brown will stir your heart.

The smell of the forest on a cool, foggy autumn day seems to permeate my brain, and takes me right back to very happy childhood moments, when the abundance of fruit trees and late wildflowers seeme